Field trips:

Information about each field trip and sign up sheets will be at the Pow Wow Office Trailer on site starting Thursday. Membership in the Prineville Rockhound Pow Wow Association is required to participate in the field trips. Membership is $10 per individual or family.

Each day we start lining up at 7 am at the Office Trailer at the Fairgrounds. There will be an orientation talk prior to leaving promptly at 7:30 am. We will caravan out to the digging sites, and you may return on your own when you can't carry or afford anymore rock. We will be going to both fee and free dig sites during the show. We do not provide tools. Please see information sheets for suggested tools for each location. Remember to bring water to drink and squirt on rocks, along with any snacks or lunch you may want to have. Please gas up before we leave, some trips take a while to get there. In the indoor dealer area there is a display case showing examples of items that can be found in each location.

Filed Trips for 2018 are scheduled as followed:
Friday – Richardson's Rock Ranch – we will take you out and help you get started. This is a fee dig, and a great place for beginners to get started digging Thundereggs. There is also a Rock Shop on site that you can shop at when you check out. For those without their own tools Richardson's does have rock hammers that can be borrowed. Tools recommended: rock hammer & bucket for starters. If you intend to dig in some of the harder beds chisels and gads are useful. and a small shovel. Water bottles both to drink and clean rocks.
Estimated drive time: 1 hour

Saturday: Friend's Ranch for Thundereggs and/or McDonalds ranch for agate, petrified wood and thundereggs. These are both fee digs. Tools recommended are the same as for Fridays trip. These two locations are only a few miles apart. We will be dividing the group into two so that we can control the number of cars at Friends at any given time. Maps will be provided, and you will be able to go to the other location when you are ready to leave your first stop. Also, in the area is the Polka Dot Mine, it has generally been open during the Pow Wow and you will pass it on your way out. They have rock for sale and may have the thunderegg bed or the Polka Dot agate area open for digging.
Estimated drive time: 1.5 hours

Sunday: Bear Creek for petrified wood. This is public land, so no fee but collection of petrified wood has a daily limit of 25 pounds plus one piece not to exceed 250 pounds per year, for personal use only. Tools needed depends on whether you are a digger or a walker looking on the surface. A bucket and a rock hammer will work, but you may want a shovel.
Estimated drive time: 1.25 hours

Camping: there is some space for camping on the fairgrounds starting Wednesday afternoon through Sunday. This is on a first come first served basis. There are restrooms available and showers. Dry camping cost is $10 per night. There are some spaces available for RVs with hock-ups for water and electricity. There is an extra change of $15 to use these, no matter if it is for one night or the whole show. No running of heaters or air-conditioners, as this may cause the circuit to go out. Check in at the trailer during fair hours, or the camp host near the big tent pavilion other times. In addition, the $10 membership is required.

Other activities during the Show:
Friday Night – There is an annual meeting and potluck for all members of the Prineville Rockhound Pow Wow Association. The club provides ham, drinks plates and eating utensils. Bring anything you would like to add to the table. 6:00 under the big tent in the camping area. Come visit and meet other like-minded rockhounds. If you are camping, going on fieldtrips or a dealer you are a paid member of the club. So, come on down and have some food and fun.

Saturday Night – There is an oral auction to help provide funds to put on the show. This is held under the big Pavilion Tent. Starting at 6:00 we will put out items that have been donated by dealers, Board members or other supporters of the show. The auction starts at 6:30, and we will move right along as we must finish before it gets too dark. Everyone is welcome to come join us. Cash and Checks only for payments of your lucky bidding. Proceeds from the auction are used to put on the show.