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75th Prineville Rockhound Pow Wow
Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show
17-20 June, 2021

Field Trips

  • June 18: Field trip free dig to Bear Creek, weather permitting
    This is a BLM site for petrified wood
  • June 19: Two trips, fee digs on private ranches for thundereggs
    Friends Ranch and Ochs Ranch
  • June 20: Field trip fee dig to McDonald's Ranch for petrified wood, thundereggs and agate
    We may also do another trip to Friend's Ranch if there is interest

All trips leave the fairgrounds at 7:30 am sharp
You must sign up in advance and be a member of the POW WOW
Sign up sheets and memberships are available at the POW WOW office trailer

Note: At this time we do not know what restrictions or precautions will be imposed
by the Crook County Fairgrounds or the private ranches

9:00am to 5:00pm Thursday through Saturday
9:00am to 4:00pm Sunday

Excellent selection of materials, tools and machines
obsidian, jade, petrified wood, jasper, plume agate, limb casts,
moss agate, thundereggs, crystals, precious gems, jewelry,

Current COVID-19 report for Oregon

Crook County Fairgrounds (Map)
Prineville, OR

While in Prineville, Enjoy These Other Fine Attractions:
Crook County History Center (Map), Meadow Lakes Golf Course (Map),
Crook County Parks and Recreation, Excellent Fish & Wildlife nearby

Hosting and design by David Ellsworth