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Friday, June 16 - Bear Creek
A free dig on BLM land for petrified wood

Saturday, June 17th - Alex McDonald's ranch
Petrified wood, agate and thundereggs
Price per pound told when we get there

Sunday, June 18 - Public land
A free dig for Limb casts
Sunday, June 18 - Friend's ranch
fee charged

All field trips will leave the Fairgrounds at 7:30 am
You must be a member of the POW WOW to go on the trips
Annual family memberships are $10 and can be purchased
at the show and on the morning just before we leave

Prineville Rockhound Pow Wow Map
Crook County Fairgrounds Weather
Prineville, OR

77th Annual Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show
15-18 June, 2023
Thursday-Saturday: 9-5, Sunday: 9-4
Field trips: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Auction: Saturday 6:30

Excellent selection of materials, tools and machines
obsidian, jade, petrified wood, jasper, plume agate, limb casts,
moss agate, thundereggs, crystals, precious gems, jewelry,

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Crook County History Center
Meadow Lakes Golf Course
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