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Prineville Rockhound Pow Wow
Annual Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show

2020 show cancelled due to COVID-19

Our 75th Celebration to be held
17-20 June, 2021

9:00am to 5:00pm Thursday through Saturday
9:00am to 4:00pm Sunday

Excellent selection of materials, tools and machines
obsidian, jade, petrified wood, jasper, plume agate, limb casts,
moss agate, thundereggs, crystals, precious gems, jewelry,

• Dealer Booths – Inside and Outside
• Vendors from All Over the nation

Field Trips
Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Public Auction - 7pm Saturday Night

Crook County Fairgrounds (Map)
Prineville, OR

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While in Prineville, Enjoy These Other Fine Attractions:
Crook County History Center (Map), Meadow Lakes Golf Course (Map),
Crook County Parks and Recreation, Excellent Fish & Wildlife nearby

Richardson's Ranch (Map)

Field trips for thundereggs, moss agate,
jasper, jasp-agate,
and Oregon sunset... just to name a few!

Rough and finished products,
lapidary machinery and supplies
are available at our shop.

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Alex McDonald's Ranch

Petrified wood
plume agate
white and black agate
angelwing agate

CRS Grippers
Pete Sprague

Slab saw accessories
Rock and shell specimens

Desert Rose Gems & Art
(Tom & Cheryl Endicott)

Wire wrapped 14k gold filled wire
Rock painting & fine needle baskets
Painted slabs

Earth's Treasures

High end unusual cabachons, gemstone jewelry
stone carvings, slabs and rough, spheres and minerals

Gemini Jewelry

Wire wrapped pendants and cabachons
Oregon rock and cabachons
Custom wire wrapping

Grand Products Co., Ltd.

Amber, pearls, agate, quartz, jasper

Beads and necklaces


Hinkle's Rock Shop

Specializing in Oregon thundereggs and
Thundereggs from around the world

Karmic Beads & Gems

Pendants, Beads
Native American silver, turquoise
Enhydros fossils

Misty Mountain Gems & Minerals
Bill Horton

SS Jewelry, Gemstones, Cabochons, Minerals, Carvings

Sagebrush Prospectors
Don Esch

Nice Selection

Silver Hill Lapidary

100% old, rare, and beautiful lapidary

Slabs, rough, cabs and specimens
fromall over the world

Stellar Lubricants

Premium lapidary cutting oil
Bullion Mountain plume agate
Gem silica
Old collection materials
Cabachons and slabs